Week 1: August 20: Introducing KOMU.com – The basics needed to get the news on the web. Navigate your role in the newsroom and in the dot-com area. Learn about the projects for the semester. Learn about why blogs are an important skill to know right now in your career. We WILL decide on projects during class!
News From the ‘Net: Jen Reeves
* Start looking at websites you can use for your News From the ‘Net presentations. (You can find a ton of links here)
* Create your blog and start using it!
* Join Twitter and follow http://www.twitter.com/jenleereeves so she can follow you

**Extra meeting – Steve Weinman is a former #jenclasser who now works as a Basketball Associate for the NBA. He’s in town Thursday to share his unusual career path (that started with blogging about the Celtics) and meet any students who are interested in meeting with us – Thursday, August 23rd, 3:30pm at Panera**

Also – I’m holding dot com training sessions this week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm in the blue room. You are welcome to attend!

Week 2: August 27 – The Job Hunt – Learn a few basics on how to build an eportfolio and the elements you need. How to present the best you. How to handle the interviews: phone and in person. Contracts and negotiations. (This class will also help you with your eportfolio project) We’re doing this early just in case you plan to attend the Excellence in Journalism or Online News Association conferences.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXX
* Pick the way you want to build an eportfoilo
* Continue posting blog posts AND linking them from Twitter
* Go online and look for examples of broadcast resumes online. Your first version eporfolio should be completed by September 10.

Week 3: September 3: LABOR DAY – No class. But if you want to meet with Jen this week to discuss your portfolio, let her know. It’s due next Monday, the 10th!

Week 4: September 10: Social Networks – Learn the basics on why social networks are a way to connect with news consumers and help your career. Your first version of your portfolio is due so you can meet with Jen this week and evaluate what you still need to do in time for conference season.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXX
Assignment: Keep working with your team! Don’t forget to blog.

Week 5: September 17: Reality chat – We have a guest visitor to the class. KCBS Vice President and News Director Scott Diener will visit the class. I hope we will get to ask him about the changing face of broadcast and how #jenclass skills might help your job opportunities in the future. We will also share our portfolios with fellow classmates and see what works and doesn’t work for each other’s online branding goals.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXX

Week 6: September 24: Researching and projects – See how research can help us understand the best ways to deliver information online. Paul Bolls from the Reynolds Journalism Institute fellowship program and PRIME lab will speak to us. Any extra time is for groups to work on projects. (Jen is out-of-town this week.) Students who attend Excellence in Journalism conference in Florida or Online News Association are expected to gather details to share with the rest of class next week. Jen will bring back her best ONA take aways as well.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXXX
: Go online and find an interactive website. Blog about why you think it holds attention and offers good information. Post it by midnight Saturday. Be ready to talk about it in class.

Week 7: October 1: Interactive Journalism – Get an introduction to interactive journalism. Why do we care and why it could benefit you to understand its uses in a newsroom. Also, why images are a big deal.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXX
Assignment: No assignment this week other than your weekly blog.

Week 8: October 8: Tricks and tools – Looking for a way to convert video? How about ways to collect video and still images. We’ll talk about tools you can use for your portfolio and blogs. Also – Don’t forget to attend the Unofficial Broadcast Homecoming Real World Lunch on October 12th!
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Week 9: October 15: Honor Medal Master Class – Our class is lucky to be a part of Mona Eltahawy’s Missouri School of Journalism Master Class. We will meet in the Reynolds Forum in RJI at 9AM.

News From the ‘Net: Andrew Weil

Week 10: October 22:  – The Coder World – Learn about the behind the scenes world of journalists who know code and understand data journalism. We’ll also discuss the Year of Code program. We’ll also look at Hoot Suite’s training.
News From the ‘Net: Wendy Mader (from online)
Assignment: Finalize your resume and cover letter/introductory note for your site. Be sure to schedule your one-on-one with Jen this week.

Week 10: October 29: NO CLASS THIS WEEK – Jen held one-on-one meetings a week earlier and an extra 30 minutes for each of you to help make up for the missed class.
Assignment: Keep up with your class project!!

Week 11: November 5: Web Ethics – What kind of considerations do we need to take when we are delivering news content for the web? What type of new challenges are headed to newsrooms as news delivery gets viewers more involved?
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXX
Assignment: No assignments beyond your blogging and projects.

Week 12: November 12: The Political Experience – A name to be announced once she is confirmed talks about the November election experience and what it’s like to work for an online news agency. (Jen is working on trying to add additional members to a panel on this post-election season discussion.)
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXX
Assignment: Your online professional profiles are due on November 26! That means you’re better off getting it done BEFORE you leave on vacation.

Week 13: November 20: THANKSGIVING BREAK

Week 14: November 26: Web Work Profiles – Everyone gets to talk about the profiles they worked on. 3 minute presentation for each person.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXX
Assignment: Think about the future of KOMU.com and KBIA.org for next week’s class. Write a brief commentary on how you want to use your online skills. What do you still want to know? We’ll try to go over some of those issues before the end of the semester. Email your thoughts to Jen by December 2.

Week 14: December 3: Looking Ahead for KOMU.com/KBIA.org – Brainstorming session on what we can do to improve KOMU.com. Also, we’ll go over everyone’s eportfolio structure. We will hold capstone presentations this week and next week.
News From the ‘Net: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Assignment: Finalize your ePortfolios for next week. You must turn in your link to Jen by December 7!

Week 15Finals Week